Twine & Ferns – Custom Gift Wrapping

TWINE (noun): 1. Strong thread used to decorate and secure gifts of the heart
FERN (noun): 1. Brings happiness; 2. Shows sincerity

Twine & Ferns was creatively designed by Ashley Mouldon, a Midwest transplant to the Pacific Northwest. She is an avid gardener, outdoor enthusiast, but most importantly a dog lover and pit bull advocate.

Her first job was at a Hallmark store where she eagerly helped customers find the perfect card or gift for every occasion. That is where she learned how to make an average package stand out with personal gift wrapping touches. Ashley takes great pride in providing her neighbors with custom gift wrapping designs that are simple, yet elegant, taking cues from the colors around her home: forest greens, apple reds and rustic browns. Twine & Ferns custom gift wrapping includes: gift wrap, ribbon, gift tag and small embellishment.

To place an order, please click here. Ashley has created an easy to use online form.

Giving back: Ashley is pleased to donate 5% of proceeds between November 1st – December 23rd to her favorite organizations: Youth in Focus and Old Dog Haven.

Be a Green Gifter: please recycle all wrapping materials or re-use them.


An explanation of The Northwest Layover website:¬†After six years in Chicago, my boyfriend and I moved to Seattle. This blog is a time capsule, capturing images and prose about our voyage from the fields of the Midwest to the forests of the Northwest — and everything in between. May it serve as a peek inside a city dweller’s life as we begin a new journey on the left coast. This site is being used as a landing place for Twine & Ferns this holiday season.

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